'Speedy Weeds'


Buy Weeds & Flowers by Post


At Tortoise Bnb we grow weeds and garden plants organically, so that all the tortoise guests have a fresh, healthy diet. 

We are now able to post the same quality, fresh weeds and flowers for tortoises throughout the U.K. providing a complete diet for tortoises.

* We pick, wash and post first class the same day so the weeds & flowers should arrive within 24 hours.

* Contents will vary depending on the season and availability, but there will be at least five different species.

* All the plants grown are approved by The Tortoise Table website to be suitable for all species of tortoise.

* On arrival, pop the weeds and flowers into a lidded plastic container. They will last several days in the fridge. 

* All leaves and flowers are washed in cold water so can be fed as they are, however, you may wish to wrinse the     weeds and flowers again in cold water before feeding to your tortoise.


 Prices for 2019:
         50 gms £3.00 + £1.50 packing & postage = £4.50

       100 gms £5.50 + £1.90 packing & postage = £7.40

       150 gms £7.50 + £1.90 packing & postage = £9.40

To order: Please email tortoisebnb@gmail.com - make sure you include your name, address and the quantity you require.

When you order, you will receive an email with payment details. Once payment is received we'll let you know the day of posting. (We post on Mondays and Thursdays)

Loyalty Scheme: Pay for 5 packs by bank transfer in advance and receive a 6th free.

 50 gm for 6 weeks = £22.50

100gm for 6 weeks = £37.50

150gm for 6 weeks = £47.50

Please email tortoisebnb@gmail.com when you've paid with a list of the dates you'd like the weeds to be posted.  We'll remind you when the next payment is due!

Refund or Re-use: Bring the boxes back to tortoise Bnb if your tortoise comes to stay to receive a refund of 20p for each small box or 25p for each large box. Alternatively please re-use the boxes.

How much to order? 50 grams of weeds and flowers should provide a complete diet for a small tortoise for a week, or supplement your own weeds & flowers, for larger tortoises.

It's probably best to order 50 gms first and see how it goes.

Please be aware that tortoises can be resistant to change and may not enjoy their new healthy diet straight away!

Below is an example of 50 gms from July 2018 in one of those well known sweet tubs - to give you an idea of quantity. The weeds & flowers are sealed in a plastic bag and then in a large letter cardboard box to avoid crushing. The boxes should fit through an average latter box

This sample includes: Sow Thistle leaves, Nipplewort leaves and flowers, Red Valerian, Ribwort Plantain, Broadleaf plantain, Nasturtium leaves & flowers, Pansy Flowers, Rose petals, Sedum leaves & flowers, Hedge Garlic leaves, Lady's Mantel leaves and Mallow leaves and flowers. 

Sally's seal of approval is evident - starting with a nasturtium leaf.



 Using The Tortoise Table Website https://www.thetortoisetable.org.uk as our guide, you will receive mostly weeds & flowers that are 'safe to feed daily' plus some that are 'safe to feed in moderation'. This will provide a complete diet for your tortoise.

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