Tortoise Bed and Breakfast


Tortoise BnB provides luxury holiday care, so you can enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that your tortoise is enjoying theirs!


Peace of mind for you and your tortoise: Based in the Hertfordshire countryside near Redbourn, Tortoise BnB is run by me, Anne. When I'm not looking after tortoises I work at Nine Lives Vets as a receptionist.

The health and welfare of every tortoise is at the heart of Tortoise BnB. If a tortoise needs veterinary care during their stay, they will be taken to Nine Lives Vets the same day.

In addition, if you'd like your tortoise to have a health check, nail and beak trim, microchip or worm count, this can be arranged. (Normal veterinary fees apply)

In Summer:  Your tortoise can enjoy time in the organic wild flower garden, in an escape proof run, or stay indoors under heat and UV lights. For safety all tortoises are brought inside at night time, to sleep in spacious, individual tortoise tables or cages. 

In Winter: Non-hibernating tortoises, stay warm indoors in spacious individual tables or cages with appropriate heat and UV lamps.

Hibernation:   If you're anxious about hibernating your tortoise at home, a full hibernation service is available that includes 'wind down' and 'wake up'  - click here for further information

To book your tortoise's holiday:  Click here

Spaces at Tortoise BnB are limited, early booking is advisable, particularly at busy times of the year.

Latest News

Weeds & Flowers by post:  We are now able to provide a complete diet of fresh weeds and flowers for tortoises by post: Click here for details

LAST POSTING DATE BEFORE CHRISTMAS IS WEDNESDAY 19th DECEMBER the next posting date is THURSDAY 3rd JANUARY - this is to avoid weeds being stuck in a warm sorting office over the holiday period!

Workshops:   New For 2019  

Tortoise Bnb and Nine Lives Vets have joined forces to deliver 2 workshops on tortoise care. 

Workshop 1: General Tortoise Care  Workshop 2: Advanced Tortoise Care

 Learn more by going to the WORKSHOPS page

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The Tortoisebnb Facebook page is very popular with tortoises - and their owners. While you're away you can check out what your tortoise has been doing.  

Click on the 'f ' icon at the top of the page to see what the Tortoise BnB guests have done today!


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