'Speedy Weeds'

Buy Freshly Picked Weeds by Post

01.08.21 - Sold Out for this week, you can buy again at 5 p.m. on Friday 6th August

At Tortoise Bnb our weeds and garden plants are grown using organic principles to provide a fresh, healthy, complete diet for all Mediterranean species of tortoise.

Speedy Weeds are also suitable for tropical species as part of their specific balanced diet.   

Due to the ongoing effects of Covid 19 restrictions over the past year we have not been able to increase the volume of weeds we grow. This means we are restricted in the number of packs we can post each week.        

However, some weeks there are enough weeds available to sell some additional packs directly on this website. 

The Speedy Weeds buying page will go live every Friday at 5 p.m.

You can buy 50 grams of Speedy Weeds for £5.99  including packaging and 1st class post.


Once the available packs have all been bought the page will be taken down.


Join the Speedy Weeds Loyalty Scheme:

(Save yourself money and save us admin time!)

To make life simple, you can pay by monthly standing order and get a pack of Speedy Weeds posted each week.

50 grams is £21 per month

100 grams is £35 per month

Please email tortoisebnb@gmail.com for details.

 Availibility is limited and you may have to wait for a vacancy.



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