We have spacious indoor tortoise tables/ houses with their own lamps, suitable for most sizes of tortoise.  

All tortoise are kept indoors at night.  

During winter months, non hibernating tortoises are kept in the tortoise room in our home where it's lovely and warm.

In the summer tortoises are outside in individual runs during the day and indoors in their own tortoise table at night.



Outdoors there is more than an acre of land just for tortoises. 

The tortoise meadow has a good mix of organically grown wild flowers and weeds that are safe for tortoises to eat.

If you request it your tortoise can go out during the day in an escape proof run with a refuge.

Each tortoise has its run in a new area of the meadow to provide fresh grazing and reduce the risk of cross infection.

For safety all tortoises are taken indoors at night.





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