Terms and Conditions

Tortoise BnB: Refers to the tortoise boarding business, caring for the client's tortoise, with the client's agreement.

The client: Refers to the current owner of the tortoise left in the care of Tortoise BnB.

Their Tortoise: Refers to the client's tortoise.

  • Tortoise BnB will do their very best to look after The client's tortoise in conditions that match their usual environment. Good animal husbandry is at the heart of Tortoise BnB.
  • The client agrees that while every care is taken to keep their tortoise safe and healthy, Tortoise BnB cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury, illness, loss or death that may occur to their tortoise while it is in the care of Tortoise BnB.
  • The client agrees, that should their tortoise, in the opinion of Tortoise BnB, need any veterinary care, while boarding or hibernating, their tortoise will be taken to Nine Lives Vets, Redbourn, at the earliest opportunity.
  • Any veterinary fees incurred during the boarding period will be paid directly to Nine Lives Vets, when their tortoise is picked up.
  • If the client has requested any veterinary procedures for their tortoise, while it is boarding as listed on the boarding agreement (Health check, worming, nail and beak clip), these will be paid for, directly to Nine lives vets, on the day their tortoise is picked up.
  • A non returnable deposit of £20.00 is payable at the time of booking, the remainder to be paid in full when the tortoise is dropped off.
  • Both the day their tortoise is dropped off and the day it is collected are included in the boarding period.
  • For clients using the hibernation service: The client agrees that the hibernation process comes with some risk to the health of every tortoise.  Tortoise BnB will only accept tortoises for hibernation that have undergone a health check with a qualified veterinary surgeon and had a worm count, or been wormed, within the past 3 months.  

In the signing of these terms and conditions, the client agrees that they have read them in full and are in agreement with all the above points.


Name of tortoise:                                    Date dropping off:                  Picking up:

Name of Client: 

Signature of client:                                  Print Name:                           Date:


Please print off and sign one copy of these Terms and Conditions for each tortoise.

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